At PagerDuty, we are lucky to work with more than 10,000 customers that represent all different types of digital businesses, and who demonstrate various levels of digital operations maturity. Through those relationships and interactions, we learned a few things. First, we learned that the most mature digital organizations ran regular operational reviews as an opportunity to align leadership on their investment into the way they run their technology operations in order to maximize business outcomes. As we practiced this ourselves and shared the concept with the rest of our customers, we were asked for guidance; namely, to share what we do and what our most mature customers do. Finally, our Digital Operations Maturity Model showed us that there were clear and quantifiable benefits of improving digital operations.

PagerDuty is for people, and part of our culture is to give to the people we serve. This documentation is offered to the community in an effort to raise the collective maturity in our industry, and make the lives of technology leaders and practitioners better. Whether you use PagerDuty or not, we hope this documentation helps you implement or improve mature practices in your digital organization.

Who It's For#

This documentation is for anyone and everyone! That said, we had a few specific people in mind when we wrote them.

If you are a digital business leader that guides teams delivering technology products, this documentation is for you. If you are driving the adoption of DevOps principles, guiding a digital transformation, or driving greater operational maturity—whether you are a team manager, department/division leader, or C-level executive—these docs are for you. If you are a technical program manager, Agile coach, or anyone else with the job of leading change and implementing effective processes, this documentation is also for you.

Ultimately, we encourage you to share this documentation. Don’t let it live in a silo or remain in the offices of management. Share with everyone involved in delivering your digital products. The practice of DevOps, a transformational way of doing this at digital businesses, lifts up the concepts of transparency, autonomy, and accountability. None of those things are possible without sharing knowledge.

Why We All Need It#

Operational maturity doesn’t happen overnight, it takes commitment, focus, learning, and practice. One of the best ways to chart a path for greater operational maturity is to learn from others and mimic successful activity.

The commercial Internet has been around for decades, but many businesses are still going through or even just starting their digital transformation. Our industry is still in the early stages of the digital era, and very few companies have figured out the right way to operate in the new, real-time world. We are all learning together.


This documentation is provided under the Apache License 2.0. In plain English, that means you can use and modify this documentation and use it both commercially and for private use. However, you must include any original copyright notices and the original LICENSE file.

Whether you are a PagerDuty customer or not, we want you to have the ability to use this documentation internally at your own company. You can view the source code for all of this documentation on our GitHub account. Feel free to fork the repository and use it as a base for your own internal documentation.