Going Beyond

Going Beyond Credit: Pixabay @ Pexels

Once you are well along your journey with Operational Reviews, there is a lot more you can do to optimize your digital operations for better business outcomes. Regardless of your software development and operations tool chain, there are industry standard best practices that you can follow or otherwise optimize for.

Digital Operations Maturity Model#

Digital operations maturity goes far beyond running regular Operational Reviews. In fact, Operational Reviews check off just a handful of the 25 capabilities across 5 areas in the Digital Operations Maturity Model. Furthermore, digital operations maturity isn’t about the products and tools you use. Instead, digital operations maturity starts with a mindset that puts customers first, invests in team and culture, utilizes process, builds and shares knowledge, and leverages technology. With that mindset, maturity is defined by the behaviors and actions that you, your teams, and your responders take. Finally, metrics quantify impact of maturity and justify investments in greater maturity.

Learn more about the Digital Operations Maturity Model, and complete a self evaluation of your organization or team.

Operations Health Management#

Reviewing on-call load every week and focusing elements of your Operational Reviews on the impact to your people is a great start to ensure a healthy and happy team. However, some of the most mature organizations in the world run programs dedicated to managing the operations health of their responders. Operations health goes beyond incident count and the data shows that poor operations health leads to drastically higher employee turnover.

If your people are your No. 1 business asset, an operations health management program may be right for you. If you’d like help from industry experts, PagerDuty offers an Operations Health Management Service to guide your maturity and offer quantifiable improvements.

Event Intelligence#

A benefit of running a digital business is the availability of data and information that the transformation ushers in. However, that same benefit can also be a distraction as we are overwhelmed with information and struggle to separate the signal from the noise.

Event management solutions can help reduce the noise, which leads to a better on-call and major incident response experience for your team members. Consider using an event management solution like PagerDuty Event Intelligence to run more effective real-time operations.

Major Incident Response#

When a major incident happens with your digital products, are you prepared to resolve the incident as fast as possible to minimize impact to your customers? In a digital world, seconds can mean millions of dollars. Having a well defined, practiced, and rigorously followed major incident response process is key to minimizing business impact of the incidents that even the most mature organizations experience. Not convinced? Read this article on why you should have a wartime mindset as you prepare for a digital crisis. When you are ready to put a process in place or update your existing process, utilize our open source incident response documentation.